Safely, Precisely and to High Quality

We manufacture precision drawn and stamped-bent parts on high-quality “Bruderer” automatic punching machines. State-of-the-art process monitoring and lifting speeds of up to 1800 strokes/min. enable us to manufacture economically, safely, precisely and to high quality.

Whether standard products or individual customer solutions, our product range guarantees reliability under the most extreme conditions and in very demanding areas.

Wo Does What and When ?

Who does what and when? Teamwork, integration and transfer of knowledge. These are by no means mere clichés, for only in a company that has the power of innovation and development expertise can employees develop into first-class staff. “Our style of working is better than modern according to the latest books on management. We have always found this to be simply the most sensible and effective way. Moreover, in this way we always attract the best people.”