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Automated Centralized Material Drying and Feeding Unit 

This Division is equipped with 17 closed-loop controlled Plastic Injection Moulding Machines (Battenfeld and Engel) ranging from 25 to 600 tons clamping force for the production of thermoplastic components with a maximum shot weight up to 800 grams.

The machines are directly connected to a fully Automated Centralized Material Drying and Feeding Unit (Motan) and are supported by the required Auxiliary Equipment.

-> 16 (Battenfeld / Engel) Plastic Injection Moulding machines from 25 tons to 275 tons.

-> 2 (Engel) 80 / 110Ton Silicon Injection Moulding machines for production of liquid silicon rubber components.

-> Auxiliary equipment forprocessing of engineering & other polymers.

-> Material pre-heaters & automatic feeder units

– Chillers

– Mould heaters

– Computer aided mould temperature controllers

– Plastic granulators Heater controllers for hot runner moulds etc.