Established in 1966, Almar Group is a leading business conglomerate in Sri Lanka, with a turnover of approx. 50 million US$. The group is involved in several distinctive industries of international trade (rubber and tea), manufacturing (granite, precision moulds and  injection moulding), renewable energy and property development; hence, is financially stable under any economic condition.
Reliability And Stakeholder Value
The group renowned for its reliability and delivery of products and services for several decades,is run with passion and dedication by second generation siblings of the Weerasinghe family, the founders of the group. It commits to building exceptional value and distinctive benefit to all its stakeholders and values the importance of earning the trust of its partners, both local and international.
Led by a vision of ‘building the future with strategic diversification’, Almar has over the years developed and taken on many challenges, thereby gaining experience and aptitude, achieving success in each specific sector.
Almar group has partnered with global leaders in each industry and in its efforts of expanding and diversifying, continuously seeks profitable and strategic business partnerships and joint ventures.