blmm factory


Factory and Office

Incorporated in 1993 with German expertise, professionalism and technology, we are the “Pioneers” and “The Leader” in Sri Lanka for Precision Mould Making & Injection Moulding. Our factory is located in the vicinity of the Katunayake International Airport within the Export Processing Zone of Sri Lanka and 30 kms away from the Colombo harbour.

We are specialized in providing the following services,

• Design & Manufacture of Precision Moulds for the Thermoplastic and Rubber Industry

• Injection Moulding of Engineering Plastics and Liquid Silicone Rubber Components

• Assembly of Complete Systems

We employ a workforce of over 250 trained, qualified & dedicated personnel supported by German Technical Management. Our employees are our prime asset. We manufacture to High Precision and Quality Standards for the Automotive, Electro/Electronics, IT, Household Appliances, Rubber Industry and other industrial sectors.

First Class technical know-how along with over 24 years in the industry enables us to guarantee outstanding product quality; For example, we produce moulded components for customers in the Automotive Sector such as Mercedes Benz, VW, Audi and BMW which conform to their standards in precision and quality. Our main client base and and export markets are in the European region. We also export to markets in UK and the USA.

We offer a total package to the Thermoplastic industry ranging from the design and construction of Precision Moulds and the Injection Moulding of Plastic and Liquid Silicone components to Assembly of the product.We are your reliable partner in Asia.