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BOEHM & LECKNER MULTI MOULDS (PVT) LTD., SRI LANKA, has been established or over 24 years and is the leader in Sri Lanka in the field of Plastic Technology. With German technical expertise We provide our customers with complete systems commencing with Mould Design and extending to Precision Mould Making., Plastic and Silicone Injection Moulding., and the Assembly of very complex components. We are specialized in providing services to the Automotive., Electro/Electronic., IT and Rubber Industry and our products are exported to industrialized countries worldwide.

We are currently pursuing an expansion drive with a view to developing our sales.. We are seeking the services of two dynamic AGENTS to be located in Germany & India who has the confidence and ability to successfully represent our company with the objective of sourcing orders from Europe & Asia respectively, thus widening our existing customer base. Preference would be given to an agent with an engineering background and good contacts with the plastic industry.

In addition we have established a trading office with warehousing capabilities in Bremen, Germany to facilitate logistics & related operations for Europe.

Our company is willing to pay a reasonable retainer fee towards monthly operating expenses and an attractive commission for confirmed orders.

We envisage that the selected agent will be required to visit our plant in Sri Lanka with the intention of obtaining an insight into our activities and familiarizing him/herself with our operations.

Please forward your application providing relevant details along with an indication of the terms and conditions for the proposed agency agreement with our company to -

The Managing Director
Boehm & Leckner Multi Moulds (Pvt) Ltd.,
33, Ring Road, Phase II,
Export Processing Zone.
Sri Lanka.

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