2K Overmould

At BLMM, we offer high-quality 2K Overmolding services for all of your manufacturing needs. This plastic injection molding process is very useful for creating complex parts and has some unique properties which may make it right for your project. Learn more about our two color molding now!

2K Overmolding is more complex than simply injection molding. It takes proper technique, the right equipment, and a good understanding of the plastic resins that are commonly used in manufacturing today.

Overmolding is an injection molding process where one material is molded on top of another. Types of overmolding include two shot

sequential overmolding, and multi-shot overmolding.

Two-shot sequential overmolding is where the molding machine

injects the first material into a closed cavity, and then moves the mold or cores to create a second cavity, using the first component as an insert for the second shot. Different materials are used for the two shots.· Multi-shot overmolding uses more than two materials to manufacture the final part.